Master Class on the Neuroscience and Leadership

At last you can base your leadership practice on science not half-baked theories and anecdotes.

Technological advances in brain imaging has enabled neuroscientists in the last 10 years or so to more fully understand how the brain functions. Specifically, it has become possible to watch areas of the brain working while people are engaging in behaviours and feeling emotions. This means that researchers have been able to identify leadership behaviours that really work. Up to this time what we have taken to be effective leadership behaviour has been based on anecdotes.

We offer dynamic half-day to two-day workshops on this important topic. The aim is to assist participants to develop their leadership skills and understand why specific behaviours are effective.

As with all our workshops, we design this leadership development program to meet the specific needs of the organisation or group. In particular, we can develop the workshop to meet specific skills deficits identified in the performance management cycle.

We also offer webinars on this topic.